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Sales vs Clearances: 7 Distinct Differences Oct 11, 2021 While people tend to interchange the words “sale” and “clearance” often, they are actually markedly different retail concepts. How? Here are 7 distinct ways they are different. 8 Things to Look for in a Seller When Shopping Online Oct 7, 2021 While shopping at online marketplaces is generally issue-free, you can ensure a safer, more secure, and no-hassle experience with some of these online shopping best practices. What to Consider Before Pressing "Add to Cart" Oct 7, 2021 Did the stresses of the coronavirus pandemic turn you into an online shopper? If you noticed you’ve been shopping online like crazy this past year, below are a few ways to temper your spending back to pre-pandemic levels. Do's and Don'ts When Using Coupons Oct 5, 2021 Coupons provide a convenient, no-cost way to reduce spending on groceries and essentials, but there is both a smart and cost-effective way to use coupons as well as—ironically—an inefficient and even wasteful way to use them.