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Is Couponing Worth It? May 29, 2023 For brands and consumers alike, is couponing worth your time and effort? Well, let's dive deep into it: Last-minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Feb 13, 2023 It’s Valentine’s Day, and you’ve forgotten to buy or order a gift for your SO! What to do, what to do? Since 2-day and overnight delivery from online shops is totally out of the question, you’ll have to get creative with your same-day shopping. Amazing Clearance Finds for Christmas Dec 21, 2022 In this article, we recommend a handful of options that we find not only make awesome Christmas gifts that seem like you’ve put some thought into them, but also make the best bang for your bucks—with many of them coming in at just under $10! A Brief History of "Black Friday" Nov 23, 2022 Do you know how Black Friday came about and how this ubiquitous holiday shopping extravaganza got its name? We explain the convoluted origins of Black Friday and its significant influence on the world today.